About Me

Heretic who are you?

I am your average self absorbed white american male.  I grew up in a middle class family in a suburb of Sacramento, CA.  I went to an Episcopalian grade school which required me to attend church, but my family held more of an agnostic approach to the supernatural.  I went to a normal high school and an average college.  My family celebrates Christmas and Easter with the same enthusiasm and religious zeal that we attribute to Halloween.  My religious perspective gradually developed from a young age, although my faith in God did not firmly cease till my twenties.

So are you agnostic?

No, I get this question frequently.  I don’t think being agnostic classifies as a system of belief, more of a transitional period people pass through on their way to recovery. Personally i think people say they are agnostic out of fear of being wrong. They no longer believe in the religion they were brought up with; but, are too scared to commit to the notion that their beliefs should be classified just the same as every other religion that man has ever devoted themselves to.  So they cling onto that last vestige of faith (that there is a God), disregarding the details just in case there might be something greater out there.  I’m sure if there is an omnipotent being that wants to be worshiped he would accept the “just in case” logic behind faith.

Ok, as an Atheist, what do you believe?

I believe there is no God, no miracles, that if Jesus existed at all, he was merely a man, ditto for Muhammad, and that religion and morality should not be confused as the same things.  I believe that everything in the universe can be explained through natural laws (except for the Jersey Shore, auto-erotic asphyxiation, and veganism), and that although we may lack the capacity to fully understand the universe, it doesn’t mean that a supernatural being created the planet to be used as our own personal amusement park.

Ok, but what if your wrong?

Believers who come to the door always seem to ask this.  If i am wrong, then i don’t think the blame should rest on my shoulders.  You would think a perfect being would make a less convoluted and contradictory system of belief.  He should also have been a little less stingy on the miracles.  If Grey Goose began pouring out of my faucet, retardation magically disappeared, or large breast firmness tester became an actual profession, then i might be more inclined to believe.  But no, none of those things have happened, yet they seemed to happened with some regularity in the bible.  And no, sunshine, rain, elephants, and snowflakes are not miracles.

Shit, I believe in God, can we be friends?

If you can take perpetual nut shots to your faith and value system, maybe.  If you are ugly or fat, probably not.

Ok, your an atheist and what appears to be a prick, are the two related?

Who knows.  Probably.  Then again most of the assholes i know believe in god in one form or another.

What do you want to accomplish here?

I want to help relieve people of antiquated beliefs and fears ingrained in them by others.  Religion does not originate with the believer, it is adopted from the outside, be it parents, teachers or communities.  Indoctrinating people when they are young is the primary way religions expand and survive and it is not fair.  People should be able to decide for themselves what their beliefs should consist of. Furthermore, i want to remove the religious dogmas that affect me by crushing them at their roots.  Atheists are not accepted into mainstream circles because for some reason religiosity and morality are believed to be inseparable.  To me, the morality of a god-fearing men (people) has proven to be far more frightening than a world without God, and the more i people i demonstrate that to the better.

OMG, i think i might be an atheist, what should i do?

First, if you are a teacher, don’t tell anyone. You will probably be fired or relegated to driving the short bus.  Its bullshit I know, I’m working on it.  Second, write to me, i need material, this shit is time intensive and it is comforting to hear other people’s experiences.  Third, don’t be afraid of the boogeyman in any form.  Unless the boogeyman refers to the large black ex-con that use to live three doors down from you when you lived in Arizona.

Heretic, you have changed my theological perspectives, how can i help?

Give me stuff.

Heretic, you have shattered my universe and you should die, how do i do that?

Contact me for more info and I’ll see what I can do…


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