08 Jun

Who says breakfast cant be fun

Religion News of the Day

There was a basic quiz given to Americans to test their knowledge of world religions. Turns out americans do not know a whole lot about beliefs systems. Even their own.

“The researchers polled nearly 3,500 Americans and asked them 32 basic questions about world religions, their texts, main figures, and tenets. Most respondents got about half the questions wrong. For example, 45 percent of Catholics polled did not know that the Catholic church teaches that the consecrated bread and wine in holy communion are said to actually and literally become the body and blood of Christ. About as many Americans did not know that the Dalai Lama is Buddhist.”


Here is a sample quiz if your curious how you rate

Religion Video of the Day

Religion Politics of the Day

With elections just around the corner (2 years), campaigning info is starting to become an annoyingly frequent segment on every news channel.  So i will try to start dedicating regular segments to the bullshit we will be forced to endure.  To start, here is a pic detailing what the previous presidents beliefs were.   I’m not sure what Dutch Reformed is… I think it has something to do with heroin.




















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