06 Jun

My niece usually draws her Satans with legs














  Religion News of the Day

Faith Healing on Trial: Miracle or Medicine?

So apparently ignoring medical treatment in favor of prayer to cure the large tumor above your daughter’s eye is not the best course of action.  Who would have thought praying doesn’t actually cause miracles to happen.  Either that or God has a fundamental dislike for 18 month old girls.

“Tim and Rebecca Wyland are members of the Followers of Christ Church, who refuse modern medicine and instead rely on prayer and faith healing. Their daughter, Alayna, has a large tumor over her left eye which went untreated and could leave her permanently blind. She was finally placed in temporary state custody and began receiving treatment.”

“This is of course not the first time that parents have gone on trial for child abuse or neglect for refusing their children medical attention. Though freedom of religion is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the practice of that religion does not give followers license to break the law — especially when the result is injury or death to a child.”



Religion Fact of the Day

In the 1970’s, the Church of Scientology conducted an a program in which they planned to insert over 5000 Scientologist into government agencies around the world in order to improve the church’s image by destroying any unflattering documents about them.  Dubbed operation “Snow White” by Scientologist, it resulted in an FBI raid and many Scientology church leaders going to prison.









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