“Let There Be Light”

09 Mar

It is safe to say that when i was a child, my belief in the supernatural was tenuous at best.  Even though i had the notions of an omnipotent overlord pounded into my brain since day one of preschool, it never translated into genuine faith.  At best, at a young age my religious convictions were driven by fear.  Fear of being wrong, fear about my faith, and fear about the ramifications of doubt in the Episcopalian dogmas i was being fed.  As i became older, fear turned to fascination about my beliefs, or what i assumed to be beliefs, and my understanding about the existence of God or Jesus or the boogeyman began to solidify in to something more genuine.  Something that i could understand and something i accepted without fear of retribution or eternal damnation.  That there is no God…

Fast forward to today.  As a general rule i never really pressed my “beliefs” on others in any kind of preaching sense. Mainly because i am lazy and dont really care.  But also because i think what people believe is their own business. Aside, that is, from when i was drunk and feeling argumentative or prodded by Bible thumping door to door salesmen trying to convince me of their genuine concern for my everlasting soul, i rarely broached the topic.  Until now…

I use to be content in my isolated bubble of disbelief, but as friends and family have become aware of my mental state it seems like i have had the same conversation continually.  I have grown tired of debating such things and waking up with nothing to show for my efforts but a hangover and another person believing I’m on the express train to hell.  So at the urgings of others, i have conceived (not so immaculately) this site.  In order to enlighten those who seek it, debate those who want it, and offend those that deserve it…
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